What's My Heart Rate

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Frequently asked questions

  1. How is it possible to measure my heart rate by just looking at the screen?


    Your heartbeat causes micro color changes on your face. When your heart beats, a pulse of blood sent through your blood vessels. Blood absorbs light. When more blood flows through the vessels, less light hitting your face is being reflected. Our software uses camera and advanced software algorithm to detect these micro changes, with beat-to-beat accuracy. The algorithm is built based on reliable non-contact photoplethysmography concept .

    This is an on-going research being done in many research labs. To read on notable source regarding this research, please Google Search, or YouTube Search.

  2. How about breathing rate?


    While you are breathing, there are movements on your chest. Our advanced software algorithm is able to detect these movements. Make sure that your chest is inside the marked area.

  3. This app yields result even I try to trick it with a face photo.


    We are using same face technology as Google's. Google is still facing problem in dealing with face photo. So we are. For more information, please visit Face Unlock Tricked: Man Unlocks Galaxy Nexus Using Picture, Exposes Android Flaw (VIDEO).

    In our algorithm, we try to reject noise arises from face photo caused by motion, environment light flickering, etc. However, if the noise falls into human heartbeat frequency range, we will still mistakenly identify it as heart rate.

  4. How accurate is the measurement?


    We had verified against pulse oximeter. The error is within +/-3% with proper usage.

  5. Sometimes, the app yields inconsistent result.


    We would suggest you before taking measurement, follow the following 3 tips.

    • Ensure the environment lighting is good and bright. Morning sunlight is the best.
    • Ensure your device is being hold steadily. Place your device on a table is the best.
    • Avoid head motion while measurement is in progress.
  6. Can this app replace home used heart rate measuring devices like pulse oximeter?


    No. This app is not intended for clinical use. It yields inaccurate measurement if it is not properly used.

  7. What if I am in a dark room environment?


    You may measure using fingertip with LED under dark room environment. Switch to back camera to activate finger pressed feature.

  8. What's My Heart Rate doesn't work on my Android device.


    We had done intenstive testing of our app on various devices before releasing to the world. However, due to Android fragmentation it's a challenge for us to get it properly run on all different devices. Kindly contact our customer support through facebook page , by providing the details of your device. We shall get back to you very soon.

  9. I would like to suggest a new feature. How I can do so?


    Let our customer support know about it through our facebook page.